Though the great Caliphate has been dissolved and the unity of Iberia’s Muslims lost, their power has not failed entirely. The cities have their armies, and at the heart of those armies are the noble orders of Muslim Knights. These Knights swear solemn oaths to revere Allah and his Prophet, to fight for the defense of the innocent, and to honor a strict code of ethics and morals in order to bring about peace and justice for their society. They are warriors and poets, and they are the last best hope of a people who do not see their doom before them.

Their inevitable failure is a thing to be mourned most deeply.

Thou Art But A Warrior is a game in which you play members of the orders of Muslim Knights sworn to defend Islamic Spain at the beginning of the Crusades. Winner of the Forge’s Setting Design Contest in 2007, Thou Art But A Warrior is a hack of Polaris, by Ben Lehman of TAO Games.

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