2010-2016: Author & Creator - Go Make Me a Sandwich (blog) with more than 2.5 million views to date

2016: Industry Insider Featured Presenter at GenCon - North America's largest gaming industry convention

Other Honors and Awards

2017: Golden Cobra Awards: Honorable Mention for Homunculus

2016: Nominated - IGDN Awards: Best New Rules and Game of the Year, for Autonomy 

2016: 2nd Place Indie RPG Awards: Best Free Game of 2015, for Autonomy

Freelance Work

Released in 2015: Contributing author to new edition of Vampire: The Dark Ages

Successfully funded on KickStarter for more than $281,000! CLICK HERE to see a preview of my work in the final book

Released 2015: Contributing Author to Katanas & Trenchcoats

Released 2014: Contributing author, short fiction and co-author of Vampire adventure, to Darkening Sky - a sourcebook for White Wolf's Dark Ages line set in the World of Darkness


The Oath-Truce fell with the darkening sky

In May, 1230, an eclipse overwhelmed the sky, blurring the lines between day and night. What does this mean in the Dark Medieval World? Ask five people, expect ten answers.

Darkening Sky is a series of five stories for the Dark Ages game lines. You’ll find a story for Fae©, Inquisitor©, Mage©,Vampire©, and Werewolf© inside, each with a unique twist on the 1230 eclipse.

CLICK HERE to buy from Drive Thru RPG

Reviewed by Adrian S, featured reviewer on Drive Thru RPG. 4 out of 5 stars:

'The Abyss Gazes Back' (Vampire) takes us now to Sevilla into a political story with the fate of a torpored Elder in the mix. It deals heavily with Lasombra mysticism, and draws in the Crimson Curia. As with any good Vampire story, the charm lies in the non-linear nature of story (despite the nature of the events set to unfold) and the depth of character given to the major NPCs.

Fiasco Playset Co-Author: Heroes of Pinnacle City

official playset September 2012

The world teeters on the brink of disaster! Madmen with doomsday devices, countless alien races poised to invade, meddlesome time-travellers, interdimensional conquerors, vampires in government, and demons in coffee shops. The superpowered heroes of Pinnacle City are all that stands between the earth and total annihilation.

...that won't end well.

Read actual play here

Projects by Peach Pants Press

Released 2017: The Watch (Co-published with Northfire Games)

Kickstarted successfully, available through Indie Press Revolution Q4 2017

Released 2017: Homunculus

Honorable Mention, 2017 Golden Cobra Awards. To be released in the upcoming Golden Cobra 2017 Anthology.

Released 2015: The Starlit Kingdom

PDF - Purchase through PayHip / PRINT - Purchase through Lulu

Released 2015: Autonomy

2nd Place Indie RPG Award for Best Free Game, available Pay What You Want here

Released 2015: Malignant

Download with donation here.

Released 2015: Ruined Empire campaign setting for Tenra Bansho Zero, fully funded on KickStarter!

PDF - purchase on Drive Thru and PayHip

PRINT AND PDF - purchase from Indie Press Revolution

Released 2014: Princess Charming

Co-creator and illustrator, Princess Charming - books for awesome princesses. Funded on Kickstarter at 200% of goal.

Released 2008, 2013: Thou Art But A Warrior

Thou Art But A Warrior is a game in which you play members of the orders of Muslim Knights sworn to defend Islamic Spain at the beginning of the Crusades. Winner of the Forge’s Setting Design Contest in 2007, Thou Art But A Warrior is a hack of Polaris, by Ben Lehman of TAO Games.

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PRINT - Purchase through the UnStore