Malignant is a game about terminal cancer, the slow loss of humanity in the face of forces larger than yourself, and its effects on the people closest to you. It is a hack of Thou Art But A Warrior, which is powered by the Polaris system by Ben Lehman of TAO Games. You need Thou Art But A Warrior to play this game.

This game was written in memory of my father, who passed away in 2011 from Multiple Myeloma (bone marrow cancer).


Malignant is free, but I ask that you consider making a donation

either to the Multiple Myeloma Foundation to fund research into bone marrow cancer, which is incurable and incredibly painful

or to Leimyosarcoma Direct Research to fund research into a very rare and aggressive form of Sarcoma

I will send you TABAW for free if you donate $10+

If you do not own Thou Art But A Warrior, I will send you a free PDF if you email me proof of donation of more than $10 USD.

That said, I ask that you please exercise caution. If you have a loved one who has either had cancer or experienced terminal illness, you will probably find this game triggering.