Experimental Games and LARPS


Autonomy is a LARP about gendered power dynamics and bodily autonomy. To play, you will need between 6-9 players, a primary facilitator and a secondary facilitator player, and approximately two to two and a half hours. In Autonomy, players will portray characters of their own gender, but the script for how society perceives gender will be flipped. The goal is to make players aware of the unspoken power dynamics of gender that we are all socialized to accept and adhere to.

Content warning: please note that Autonomy does encourage, tangentially, discussion of TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) and encourages in-character dismissive attitudes toward people experiencing TBI.

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Nominated for two IGDN 2016 Groundbreaker Awards: Most Innovative Game and Game of the Year

Second Place: Indie RPG Award for Best Free Game of 2015

(Article) Reviewed on Gadgette by Emma Boyle

(Video cast) Discussed Autonomy and issues of gaming sexism on Roll For Geek Initiative LARP Chat Live

(Podcast) Discussed Autonomy, Starlit Kingdom, and upcoming projects on ±Modifier

Factory Reset

Factory Reset Cover.png

Factory Reset is a LARP about artificial intelligence, memory, and sentience.

You are all androids who have been taken to a registered Industrial Mechatronics maintenance facility for their six month service and memory wipe. You have been checked into a secure facility and are now waiting to be brought into the maintenance bay, at which point your memories and experiences will be erased.

For some of you, those androids whose owners have adhered to the specified maintenance schedule, this will not seem a tremendous ordeal. It’s simply the maintenance required to keep your owners happy. For others, the matter is tremendously more tragic.

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Malignant is a game about terminal cancer, the slow loss of humanity in the face of forces larger than yourself, and its effects on the people closest to you. This game was written in memory of my father, who passed away in 2011 from Multiple Myeloma (bone marrow cancer). YOU CAN DOWNLOAD IT HERE

Malignant is free, but I ask that you consider making a donation either to the Multiple Myeloma Foundation to fund research into bone marrow cancer, which is incurable and incredibly painful or to Leimyosarcoma Direct Research to fund research into a very rare and aggressive form of Sarcoma

I will send you TABAW for free if you donate $10+

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SexyTime Adventures: the RPG

SexyTime Adventures: the RPG is a Dungeon World hack in which you play a party of fantasy adventurers having adventures and being sexy. Character creation even involves paper dolls! THIS GAME IS A WORK OF SATIRE.

It is not a standalone hack - you will need a copy of Dungeon World to play. Currently, SexyTime Adventures: the RPG is only available in PDF.

Tabletop Games

The Watch

Before the Shadow


…your people were semi-nomadic, living in clans with an ever-shifting network of alliances and enmities. Although one people, the clans were diverse in tradition, outlook, and custom. Those along the old border were traders, prosperous and widely traveled. Those living in the central plains were gatherers and trappers. And those living furthest from the outside world were mountain herders, solitary and secretive.

And then the Shadow came.

The chaos that resulted almost shattered the clans beyond repair. News of the Shadow created new feuds and fanned the flame of old hatreds. But ultimately, it was the Shadow itself that caused clan divisions to be set aside in the name of survival as the Shadow's army pushed further and further into clan lands. It became clear that if the clans were to remain free from the Shadow's taint, they would have to stand together.

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The Starlit Kingdom

Many, many centuries ago, the people of Earth co-existed with the people of the Moon in peace and harmony. This might surprise you, as the Moon queendom was a place rich with beauty and full of wonders, not the least of which were its people, who were blessed with magic and long life. It might seem natural that the people of Earth would look upon their neighbors with jealousy, but the people of the Moon shared freely of their gifts and kept to themselves.

It was thought that this golden age would last forever. Such is the complacency that peace brings.

It Comes To This

It may be that the golden age of humanity will crumble. It may be that Elysium will fall into civil war or declare war on the Moon queendom. The future is not yours to read. All you know is that you have been called to fulfill a sacred duty and you will uphold that duty even at the cost of your life.

The Starlit Kingdom is a game in which you tell tragic stories about the fall of a magical kingdom. It is based on Thou Art But A Warrior, which is powered by the Polaris system, by Ben Lehman of TAO Games.

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Character sheets for 3 players | 4 players 5 players

Ruined Empire

Once the land held many nations, but recent decades have seen two great empires arise, each locked in a struggle to the death for supremacy. In the east lies the Imperial Dynasty of Azumi, the Red Steel Empire. Expanding ever westward, it absorbs all nations that lie in its path as it hungrily devours the resources of the land to fuel the engines of industry. In the west lies the Jahga Republic of Enlightened Peoples. Expanding eastward, it seeks to bring civilization and self-determination to nations that have not yet embraced the principles of enlightened rule that govern their empire. As it stands, only a handful of resisting nations remain even nominally independent, forming a scant buffer between these two implacably expanding forces.


The Ruined Empire is a system-neutral campaign setting and source book set in a land of five nations in conflict, ripe with adventure and danger and contains:

  • An original campaign setting, inspired by Final Fantasy and common anime tropes, written with an eye to social justice
  • Campaign creation hooks 
  • Conversion guides and system hacks for use in starting campaigns with non-Tenra systems

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Thou Art But A Warrior

Though the great Caliphate has been dissolved and the unity of Iberia’s Muslims lost, their power has not failed entirely. The cities have their armies, and at the heart of those armies are the noble orders of Muslim Knights. These Knights swear solemn oaths to revere Allah and his Prophet, to fight for the defense of the innocent, and to honor a strict code of ethics and morals in order to bring about peace and justice for their society. They are warriors and poets, and they are the last best hope of a people who do not see their doom before them.

Their inevitable failure is a thing to be mourned most deeply.

Thou Art But A Warrior is a game in which you play members of the orders of Muslim Knights sworn to defend Islamic Spain at the beginning of the Crusades. Winner of the Forge’s Setting Design Contest in 2007, Thou Art But A Warrior is a hack of Polaris, by Ben Lehman of TAO Games.

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Free Small Games and Hacks

Faerie Raed (unfinished)

Written for Game Chef 2014. Faerie Raed is a competitive game for 3 or 4 players in which you will tell a story of the Wild Hunt and their mortal quarry. The Roles you will play are the Quarry, the Hunt Master, and the Druid. If you have a fourth player, they will play the Faerie Queen.

That's Not a Roleplaying Game: the LARP

This is a small satirical LARP written both as a comment on my own grumpiness regarding a certain game type, but also about the gatekeeping that happens surrounding games through attempting to define what is and what is not a roleplaying game.

From time to time, I like to write small free games and hacks and things. Sometimes they're satirical, sometimes they're silly, and sometimes they're just contest entries. Here are some of the better ones.

The Shab al-Hiri Roach at Hogwarts

An ever-so-slightly hacked re-skin of The Shab al-Hiri Roach by Jason Morningstar. This hack transplants the madcap hijinx of the Roach into the magical world of Hogwarts. Ideal for one-shots and convention games, requires The Shab al-Hiri Roach to play.